In general, there will be a mix of lecture material, interactive exercises and labs in the hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner, and free time to roam, relax, and socialize before breakfast and after dinner.

Sunrise: ~6:20 am
Breakfast served: 7-8 am
Lunch served: 12-1 pm
Dinner served: 6-7 pm
Sunset: ~8 pm

Before you arrive

We will have readings and prep-work for you to complete before the workshop begins. This will include things like installing and (re)familiarizing yourself with R.

Day 0 - Travel day (Aug. 31)

Book your flights to the Denver airport to have an arrival time before noon. Vans will be leaving shortly thereafter. The trip to Gothic, where RMBL is located, is about 5 hours (with additional time for a possible stopover at Cottonwood Pass to experience the altitude and enjoy the views).

Day 1 - Plant-pollinator networks: Metrics of structure

Early morning - Welcome and introductions
Late morning - Network terminology and data processing
Early afternoon - Metrics of network topology
Late afternoon - Connecting topology and dynamics

Day 2 - Species interactions: Fitting models to data

Early morning - Probability to maximum likelihood
Late morning - Model-building and model-fitting
Early afternoon - Group hike!
Late afternoon - Measures of fit and performance

Day 3 - Population dynamics: Facets of stability

Early morning - Models of population dynamics
Late morning - Metrics of population dynamics
Early afternoon - Metrics of network stability
Late afternoon - Reconnecting topology and dynamics

Day 4 - Travel day (Sept. 4)

Early morning departures
You’ll take the Bustang shuttle bus from Crested Butte (~30 min. from RMBL) to Union Station in Denver (which is an hour Light Rail ride away from the Denver airport). Book your departure flight accordingly!